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VPNs: The New Leader in Online Security

I’ve long been a proponent of personal privacy. However, with the rise of the internet, the widespread use of cellphones, and the government’s willingness to collect data from the average person for their own agenda, personal privacy is at an all-time low.

While personal data collection is a boon to government agencies in their fight against terrorism and terrorist attacks, the invasion of personal privacy is not the answer. We must find a better way to tackle terrorism–one in which doesn’t compromise our right to privacy. That better way is through a VPN.

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Mobile Gaming – An Exercise in Frustration


One of the many frustrations I have as a gamer with a smart phone is that of untapped potential. I hold in my pocket a device more powerful than many of the consoles I grew up playing, and want nothing more than the ideal first brought on by hand-held gaming systems: I want a worthwhile gaming interface with decent games to keep me entertained when I have some down time.

Instead what I’m presented with is awkward control schemes, nonexistent peripheral support, and a marketplace that is the equivalent of monkeys throwing feces against the wall.

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